The Cogwheel Trust CD - "Through it all"

  1. I will rejoice in the Lord
  2. Ffe Tuli Baana
  3. Abantu ba Yesu (His redeemed people)
  4. Send Me
  5. I command you Satan
  6. Bafilsuti (David and Goliath)
  7. Oh Lord our God how makestic is your name
  8. Yesu Niwangu (Jesus is mine)
  9. Long ago
  10. Waliwo Olugendo (The journey ahead)
  11. Send your rain
  12. Kamusalaba Egologosa (On the cross at Golgotha)
  13. Kwata Kwata Nweza (Hold firm)
  14. Through it all

If anyone is interested in purchasing this CD (£10) please contact Christine McKenzie or contact out Church Secretary via our contact page.