Our Pastor - Robbie Brown

Robbie originally hails from Fife and was an archivist at the National Archives of Scotland in Edinburgh for many years in a former life! However, after he was baptised by his father in 2004, Robbie felt the call to full-time Christian training and embarked on many years of theological study in both Belfast and Manchester. In between this he set up Fife Mining Museum for a local mining charity. In 2009, two major events happened in Robbie's life: he felt the call to pastoral ministry and also married Michelle.

In 2011 they left Glenrothes and moved, with their five month old son Matthew, to take up the position of Pastor at Yoker Evangelical Church in Glasgow where they served for four years. During that time, the Lord also blessed them with two daughters, Rachel and Isla. By 2015, Robbie and Michelle knew they were being called away from Yoker but were unsure as to where and in what capacity their next form of service would take. But gradually the Lord made things clear and when they were offered the opportunity to serve the Lord at Fraserburgh Baptist Church they gladly accepted the call.

The Brown family are very excited to be embarking on this next phase of Christian service and look forward to partnering in Gospel ministry with the people at Fraserburgh Baptist Church.